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We live in a world now where ad budget on social media is slowing outgrowing that on TV. Eighty per cent time spent on social media is through mobile. Around seventy three per cent users start following a brand because of their interest in the product or service. We understand and analyze your target audience in-depth. Our team takes pride in launching ROI-driven influencer marketing campaigns having the potential of being viral and attention-seeking. 


Proper Identification

With the in-depth understanding of your target audience, we pinpoint the ideal influencers from our database of 200k+, to suit your brand voice or product or services based on gender, age, location and interest. 


Robust Strategy

Our team is specialized in creating full-proof influencer marketing strategy that will give results – best fit your needs and targets your potential base audience. Out of the box concept, production and management strategy is what you get.


Report Analysis

Influencer report analysis is the last step to analyze how your campaign performed. We understand where it outperformed while focusing on the areas it might have lacked, helping us to take measures for our next campaigns.

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Case Studies

What Business Owners Says



A reputed educational body suddenly started seeing low admission and turn up to their organisation impacting by financial and reputational parameters.

Steps Taken

Global Cloudz team was engaged for overal analysis and taking measures to re-establish the business baseline

  • Online analysis of organisation reputation
  • Formulate a strategy in the outcome of analysis
  • Implement the strategy in a controlled manner
  • Review the outcome


The education institute had a very good reputation due to quality of education and good customer relation. This good work has started impacting the business of neighbouring instituions. The easiest way for competitors was to use digital platform to give negative feedbacks and hence bring down the reputation.



In spite of good work and development in his constituency, the client IT team realized that there were continuous negatives floating in different mediums. Directly impacting the social reputation and political reputation of the client.

Steps Taken

  • Overall analysis and Impact assessment.
  • Building strategy for damage control.
  • Providing large platform to the client for sharing the developmental activities in the constituency.
  • Provide platform for the related people of the client for sharing the indirect developmental works related to the client.
  • Boost Social Media Status.
  • Suppression of non related negative content.
  • Suppression of non related negative content.
Global Cloudz team was engaged for overall analysis and damage control and sustenance of personal and political reputation