Its All About Grabbing Attention &  ROI

Goal Determination | Identify target Audience | Identify the Social Channels | Pick the right influencer | Creative/ Content Creation | Rates negotiation and Contracts | Execute your Campaign | Measure your results


We apply our experience and effective channels to identify overall reputation of the brand and work towards establishing a mere positive consumer ecosystem for a long lasting brand reputation.

Goal Determination

Identify target Audience

Identify the Social Channels

Pick the right influencer

Creative/ Content Creation

Rates negotiation and Contracts

Execute your Campaign

Measure your results

Goal Determination

This is one of the most important steps for a successful campaign . Here we work with you to understand your motive of the campaign

We analyse your current reputation by assessing on various parameters that captures the reviews related to your company’s online brand, product or service that occurs on the Internet. This on a brief defines the road map based on your goal and strategy creation.

A SWOT analysis is performed to ascertain the reputation landscape.

  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

An analysis is an initial part of an online brand reputation strategy. It informs decisions that will be made about how to strengthen a brand, mitigate threats, control online image, and deal with brand crisis.

Identify Target Audience

Understand your product or service, demographic, likes interest and based on demographic and lot of research – this gives clarity on your target audience.

Next comes is budget for the campaign, in order to target the identified audiences.

Identify The Social Channels

Now that goal, audience and budget is in place, it time to shortlist the social media channels who can help us make reach your goal .

Pick The Right Influencer

Not every influencer is a right fit for your campaign, we handpick the influencers based on below parameters.

This step is crucial and demands analysis and expertise as to understand which influencer has

Creative/ Content Creation

With the detail acquired during point 1 to 4, the team works to create creatives which are then shared with the Influencers.

At times, the influencer works independently to create content and buys in before posting.

Building a strong, positive reputation is a good start, but one cannot then neglect their business reputation and hope that it will remain in decent shape.

We provide a full analysis and an actionable guide for what we can do to combat the spreading of negative information and facilitate positive coverage online.

  • Our legal team of Internet Privacy Attorneys will apply pressure to website owners so that they will remove negative content that you do not want online.
  • Create positive content that pushes the negative content down the results page and off the first page of Google.
  • Addressing copyright issues.
  • Advice on how to protect against and deal with Internet “trolls”.
  • If your content can not be deleted or removed, we work on de-indexing it and suppressing anything negative, so that other people do not see it.

A reputation must be actively maintained through various actions that are designed to help spread more positive news and fight against the potential of negative news.

Rates Negotiation and Contracts

The last step before execution, but again a most important one. Post all formalities and rates negotiation we are good to go.

Execute your Campaign

We closely watch the campaign post execution to analyse the success of it or to do needful if any push is needed. The team closely monitors the views of the posts, impression, comments, shares, and number of likes.

Measure Your Results

Track and measure your campaigns and it will help you to know the ROI. ROI analysis includes Website traffic, Social media growth, audience reach, sales, signups and clicks through rate.

Monitoring for businesses and brands:

  • Review the progress and work towards sustenance.
  • Monitoring what is being said about you and act upon it.
  • Fully managed service, our reputation consultants will advise and custom configure your account.
  • Respond to Negative Social Media Engagement Quickly.
  • Use Reputation Management Reminders.
  • Facilitate One-on- One Treatment.

We follow these best practices to ensure that online reputation management and monitoring is as stress-free as possible.

We have 15 years experience in consultancy