Personal Repuation Management

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We apply our experience and effective channels to identify overall reputation of the brand and work towards establishing a mere positive consumer ecosystem for a long lasting brand reputation.


Our personal reputation analysis tells what Google, Social Media and search engines says about you. Our visual approach to creating an understanding of your personal reputation and what it means for you ensures that you truly understand it.

We take a proven systematic approach to cleaning up a personal identity brand online. Our reputation management service gives you the opportunity to fight back and reclaim your positive image.

Our best practises include:

  • SEO
  • Discover challenges
  • Identifying common themes, comments and conversations and highlighting key sites
  • Examining the consistency and accuracy of your online presence across the Internet
  • Assessing how and why any existing content, PR, social media and profiles do and don’t rank

Regardless of age, position, the business we’re in or the stage of our career, all of us need to understand the importance of personal branding. We strive to eliminate the harm of negative online items, and to restore you a positive online reputation, as quickly as possible.


Personal branding isn’t just about getting noticed, published, and “known.” Your reputation isn’t built by accident. It comes from reviews, comments, and conversations between customers. You need to make sure that your brand is presented in the right light.

A hands-on reputation management strategy can make an enormous difference. By paying close attention to what people say, you can give your brand some much-needed prestige.

  • Avoid Black hat SEO at any cost.
  • Each negative online web mark identified.
  • Removal- By challenging and getting negative content removed.
  • Suppression- By creating appropriate content in textual, pictorial or video format to push the negative content at the bottom.

Management of your personal reputation becomes an integral part of ensuring that your business is able to succeed.


One incredibly effective method for making sure good search results outperform bad ones is to produce and share quality content.

  • How solid is your content?
  • What kind of content will you share?
  • Does your content speak about your profile?

We follow these steps:

  • Creating online publicity – Development of positive sites, social profiles, blogs and other media.
  • Business profile linking.
  • Promotional Content – Encourage your existing fans and followers to join you on your social media profiles.

Articles aren’t the only way to share your brand’s personality. Images, videos, infographics, and social promotions like giveaways and coupons all come under the content umbrella


We specialize in having content completely removed from sites that allow anonymous posters to damage your personal brand with false, negative, and defamatory content.

The Assorted Design method is to engage in a multifaceted approach toward positive content creation.

  • By flooding profiles that you control with positive information about you, users to see a much more complete picture of who you are.
  • Ensure you are set up and active on all major social media platforms with regular positive posts and interactions with your audience.
  • Challenging and removing untrue or defamatory content online
  • Provide a forum or feedback mechanic for your brand so that those with complaints or grievances have an easy and effective way to air them to you personally.
  • Protect Your Personal Privacy
  • And more

If you have suffered a bad reputation we help you minimise its impact on your personal reputation.


A negative or bad personal reputation can affect your life in many ways. Your friends, your family, your employer, your spouse, can at anytime search your name on Google out of curiosity Google and other search engines wants to show users of their search engine the most interesting content possible, and let’s face it negative content and bad news is more interesting than “Normal Content”.

We provide a full analysis and an actionable guide for what we can do to combat the spreading of negative information and facilitate positive coverage online.

  • Remove Ripoff Reports about your name.
  • Have Complaints Removed From The Web.
  • Have Your Name Removed From Blogs.
  • Advice on how to protect against and deal with Internet “trolls”.
  • Remove Fake Reviews From Review Site Lik.
  • If your content can not be deleted or removed, we work on de-indexing it and suppressing anything negative, so that other people do not see it.

A reputation must be actively maintained through various actions that are designed to help spread more positive news and fight against the potential of negative news.


What Google, Social Media and News Paper says about you is more important for your personal reputation than your website or your business card.

Social media optimization can do this for you. Our optimized social SEO and PR services can help you:

  • Expand your reach.
  • SMO Includes enhancing and optimising your facebook, twitter and other social profiles, website, blogs, personal and professional digital footprints with the right content.
  • Online content, including websites, profiles, blogs, 3rd party content and more.
  • Make tagging and sharing content easier for users.
  • We remove mugshots or other negative or hurtful news from the Internet and fill Google, Yahoo and Bing with positive press releases.

The Internet has become a breeding ground of gossip, negative news, and negative content. Once your name is tied up in an online scandal or smear campaign, it is hard to regain control of your personal reputation on your own.


To understand what drives customers’ buying decisions, you need candid feedback. Our tailored solution Surveys to assess performance and uncover hidden service issues, before bad reviews affect your ratings.

  • Flexible customer satisfaction surveys collect direct feedback, to enhance customer experience.
  • Survey responses uncover ways to improve service quality before customers write negative reviews.
  • Customers know they’re your top priority. Properly use their feedback and they’ll reward you for it with their loyalty.


88% of consumers research and trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. One bad review online can make and break your business perception.

Our Services include review management across Tackling Negative review:

  • Aggregating it at one place.
  • Monitoring what is being said about you and act upon it.
  • Fully managed service, our reputation consultants will advise and custom configure your account.
  • Respond to Negative Social Media Engagement Quickly.
  • Use Reputation Management Reminders.
  • Facilitate One-on- One Treatment.
  • Online Review monitoring.
  • Much more.

You might get fake reviews and likes from bots but when you add real people to a review management program you have the best of both human and machine working to improve star-ratings, reviews, and testimonials.